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Our Mission  

VinCare understands what you want and need. With a team of leading advanced doctors, you will be thoroughly consulted and make valuable choices for your health. Considered a Health Magazine, VinCare brings a collection of great health sources for you, from good lifestyles, nutrition to health tips. You don't need to wait too long because everything has been taken care of by VinCare!  

Our Story  

Google has always been a great assistant to finding your information more accessible than ever in the age of technology. But for health concerns is an important issue that you need to filter information carefully. There are too many websites that cover the topic of health. What will be a website with the most quality and reputation for information?  


Understanding the needs and desires of each reader, we have conducted a great project on health, and that is "VinCare". Specifically, VinCare collects valuable information resources for your health, and advisors are leading medical experts in Singapore and an in-depth health research team. Here we always bring the best for you. All information on Vincare has been thoroughly researched and according to the scientific process. Then the health information will be given in a clear and most specific way.   


Coming to Vincare, you will feel the most peace of mind because all the valuable information from health, lifestyle, and nutrition is useful. VinCare is also considered a "health resource". With thousands of views every day, Vincare has gradually become a "health handbook" that each of us must own.  

The Expert  

VinCare confidently owns a team of highly qualified experts and is headed by Dr. Chow Mun Hong. Specifically, all of our research articles are attended by a team of medical, health, and nutrition experts. VinCare always aims to do what's best for you!  



Dr Chow Mun Hong   



He is a Family Physician and Director of Quality Management, and Senior Consultant at SingHealth Polyclinics.  


  • The National University of Singapore is where he received his medical training.  
  • In 1998, he obtained a Masters of Medicine degree in Family Medicine.  
  • In 2002, he obtained a Fellowship by Assessment at the College of Family Physicians Singapore.  
  • In 2004, he completed his Ph.D. at Kaiser Permanente Southern California on Integrated Chronic Disease Management.  


With passion and highly professional medical qualifications, Dr. Chow Mun Hong is still growing. He is also active in the field of Medical and Inter-professional education. Not only that, but he is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor with Duke-NUS Medical School and examiner at the Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) and a series of other health activities.  


  • FAMS - 2015  
  • MBA - 2013  
  • FCFP(S) - 2002  
  • MMed (Family Medicine) - 1998  
  • MBBS - 1990  

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships  

  • ​Senior Consultant, SingHealth Polyclinics - 2008 to Present  
  • Director, Quality Management, SingHealth Polyclinics - 2006 to Present  
  • Institution Risk Officer, SingHealth Polyclinics - 2011 to Present  
  • Director, Innovation and Quality Management, SingHealth - 2013 to Present  
  • Co-chair, National Curriculum for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Workgroup, Singapore Healthcare Improvement Network - 2014 to Present  
  • Director, Clinical Governance and Quality Management, SingHealth - 2011 to 2013  
  • National Transplant Ethics Committee member - 2009 to 2011  
  • MOH Clinical Advisory Committee on Chronic Disease management - 2007 to 2009  
  • Council member, College of Family Physicians, Singapore - 2007 to 2011  
  • Exco Member Healthcare Quality Society of Singapore - 2007 to 2014  


  • ​Distinguished Educator Award - College of Family Physicians, Singapore - 2015  
  • Dean’s List and Valedictorian Award - SMU EMBA programme - 2013  
  • Best project award - Clinical practice Improvement Programme - 2005  


  • ​Improving Quality in the Clinic. MH Chow, SFP 2005; 31(3)  
  • Primary care doctors’ practice in the management of asthma patients. NC Tan, MH Chow, P Goh, LG Goh, SMJ 2002; 43(2): 061-066  
  • Doctors’ and Lawyers’ perspectives of child abuse and neglect in Singapore. DSS Fung, MH Chow, SMJ; 1998; 39(4): 160-165  
  • Depression in young and elderly patients. SM Ko, EH Kua, MH Chow, SMJ 1997; 38(10): 439-441  


Our Policies  

VinCare is committed to providing you with the most accurate and helpful information. Every one of our articles is researched and peer-review before being published. So you can be completely confident and can refer to useful information from VinCare.  

Our editorial content is highly rigorous to bring out the best for you. The medical and health research team is carefully selected through multiple rounds of expert evaluation. The team of each department will be responsible for each appropriate content to produce the most scientific and quality health articles. To be able to refer to more tips on health and nutrition. Please regularly update the latest articles at  VinCare!  



This website is designed to provide helpful information and suggestions for educational purposes. You should consult selectively and not use any information on this website to substitute for professional medical diagnoses or treatment. If your body is experiencing specific problems and symptoms, it is necessary to contact and consult other healthcare professionals for the most accurate results.