Blood Clot

A blood clot is a coagulation of the blood in your physique. On the constructive facet, coagulation kinds to assist to cease extreme bleeding if you end up injured. After which the clot will often dissolve naturally after the harm has healed. It's when a blood clot kinds independently from an harm or open wound and isn't absorbed by the physique, the place it may be fairly harmful. Clots can kind resulting from substances within the pores and skin or blood vessel partitions, excessive ranges of ldl cholesterol, or of the pallets within the blood have a tendency to stay collectively and kind blockages. The physique is not going to break these clots down due to varied causes, from some medication akin to aspirin and different blood thinners, or situations akin to hemophilia. The physique doesn't have the correct sorts of proteins to cease clotting within the blood. If a blood clot kinds in an artery or vein it could limit blood movement to the guts and different organs, subsequently, turning into life threatening. Signs embrace a chest ache or heaviness if the clot is close to the guts. A weak spot within the face, arms or legs, headache and dizziness for clots affecting the mind. Within the lung, chances are you'll payment a pointy ache, shortness of breath, fever, and sweating, and within the stomach, extreme ache, vomiting, and diarrhea.


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