Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted illness brought on by micro organism that may infect each men and women. Ladies get chlamydia within the rectum, cervix, and throat. Males get chlamydia contained in the penis, throat, and rectum. An individual can get chlamydia throughout vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse with an contaminated accomplice. A girl can go the illness to an toddler throughout childbirth. Should you've had chlamydia, you will get re-infected. Younger girls are at greater threat of getting contaminated, in addition to individuals who have many companions. Often, chlamydia does not have any signs and folks do not know they've the micro organism. Folks with chlamydia who have no signs can nonetheless go the illness to different folks. Nonetheless, some signs can seem a number of weeks after sexual contact with an contaminated accomplice. The commonest therapy is antibiotics that treatment the an infection. Docs can prescribe a one-time dose of antibiotics or one-week course of remedy.


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