Circulatory System

There are about 1.5 gallons (or 5.5 liters) of blood within the common grownup physique. Blood regenerates each second. Two million new pink blood cells a second, to be actual. Everyone knows that the circulatory system transports oxygen all through the physique. However do you know that it additionally transports electrolytes, carbon dioxide, hormones, and amino acids?
Blood consists of pink cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma. The circulatory system intently relates to the lymphatic system. Lymph fluid is plasma that has filtered via the physique and returned to the lymphatic system.
The circulatory system is susceptible to cardiovascular ailments. For instance, stroke, hypertension, and coronary heart failure have an effect on these areas. Wholesome consuming, train, and limiting tobacco and alcohol consumption forestall situations like these. Sure situations, like excessive and low blood stress, are hereditary. You will need to know your loved ones historical past. Inform your physician of any historical past of coronary heart issues.


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