Colitis is an inflammatory bowel illness that impacts the gastrointestinal tract. The illness happens when the liner of your rectum or colon turns into infected. Consequently, tiny ulcers seem and unfold upward. The illness causes the bowel to empty continuously and transfer its contents quickly. The affected person experiences bleeding and discharge of mucus. Whereas colitis can have an effect on each genders and all ages, most individuals are identified between ages of 10 to 40. After age 50, males usually tend to get colitis. Though the primary explanation for the illness is unknown, researchers consider that the immune system has an irregular response to the colon. Additionally they suppose that your genes and the surroundings could cause colitis. The severity of signs varies from individual to individual. Frequent signs embody bloody stool, belly ache, diarrhea, fever, weight reduction, rectal ache, malnutrition, and loud belly sounds. Colitis is a continual situation. Remedy includes surgical procedure and drug remedy. The principle aim is to scale back irritation and supply ache aid.


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