Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis happens when a blood clot types inside a deep vein within the physique. Such veins run deep within the muscle tissues, transporting blood all through the physique. The leg is essentially the most affected space by DVT. Although anybody can develop DVT, it's extra prone to happen in people of over 40 years of age in addition to folks with a household historical past of blood clots. This can be a very critical situation that warrants speedy medical consideration. Some folks won't develop any signs, but when there are any they'll normally embrace: a sense of ache or tenderness within the leg (normally the calf); a heavy ache within the affected space; heat within the affected space; and lastly, purple or irritated pores and skin in or close to the affected space. Generally, TVT may be handled by taking anticoagulant remedy which limits the blood’s capacity to type clots. Compression stockings may be prescribed to deal with ache and different signs.


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