Epilepsy, or "seizure dysfunction," is a continual neurological dysfunction marked by sudden and unpredictable seizures. Seizures occur when there may be an uncommon sample {of electrical} indicators within the mind, inflicting a disturbance. The commonest kind of seizure (60%) is convulsive, and the remaining 40% is non-convulsive. Inside these definitions, there are a lot of completely different sorts of epileptic seizures, making it a various situation with a large spectrum. When an individual experiences epileptic seizures, they are often identified with one in every of these three varieties: idiopathic, which implies that there isn't any obvious trigger; cryptogenic, which suggests there may be in all probability a trigger, however the physician can not determine it; and symptomatic, which implies that the physician is aware of what the trigger is. In 70% of the instances, seizures will be managed with treatment. When antiepileptic medicine don't work, the subsequent choice is surgical procedure, a particular weight loss program, or vagus nerve stimulation (VNS).


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