Fibromyalgia is a typical situation wherein a affected person suffers long-term ache that impacts completely different elements of the physique. The ache could be linked to sleep issues, despair, fatigue, and nervousness. Individuals with this illness may also expertise tenderness within the muscle tissue, tendons, and joints. The reason for fibromyalgia continues to be unknown. Scientists say it may be bodily trauma, sleep disturbances, irregular ache response, or an infection. Fibromyalgia most frequently impacts girls age 15 to 50. Individuals with this illness get up at night time experiencing stiffness and physique aches. Some sufferers really feel ache solely at night time. Some folks have extreme ache all day lengthy. The most typical symptom is issues with sleep and sufferers say they really feel drained after they get up. The ache can worsen with chilly, bodily exercise, stress, and nervousness. If you happen to expertise signs of fibromyalgia, you must contact your healthcare supplier. The therapy will assist relieve ache and different signs.


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