Fifth Disease

Fifth illness, or Erythema infectiosum, can also be known as "slapped cheek syndrome" as a result of look of pink cheeks in contaminated youngsters. The illness is a manifestation of the airborne virus, parvovirus B19. It's categorized because the fifth rash-causing childhood illness amongst measles, scarlet fever, rubella, Dukes' illness, and roseola. The virus is pretty frequent and tends to unfold all through elementary aged youngsters within the winter and spring. A toddler with fifth illness will usually escape in a pink rash on the arms, legs, and cheeks. Adults who didn't have fifth illness as youngsters, and due to this fact should not have antibodies, could develop into contaminated and expertise joint ache within the wrists, ankles, and knees. When adults are contaminated, the signs are typically extra extreme. It's harmful for a pregnant lady and poses many dangers to the unborn child. There isn't a remedy for fifth illness, and usually, no remedy is required. The rash resolves by itself, and extra signs reminiscent of a headache or low-grade fever could also be handled with over-the-counter medicine reminiscent of acetaminophen (Tylenol).


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