The hip refers back to the area of the physique the place the hip joint is. The principle construction of the hip is a ball-and-socket joint. This joint is technically referred to as the acetabulofemoral joint. The joint connects the femur (thigh bone) and acetabulum of the pelvis. Hips bear the load of the physique's trunk and permit us to be cell. Due to the load it bears, a layer of cartilage protects the bones. Moreover, the hip joint is without doubt one of the most versatile joints within the physique and accommodates excessive pressure. It additionally performs a big position in sustaining steadiness.
Quite a few issues may cause hip ache, however one of many fundamental causes is osteoarthritis. Different causes embrace rheumatoid arthritis, harm to a tendon, or a pinched nerve. Usually, NSAIDs or steroids can handle ache from these accidents. In additional extreme circumstances, a hip substitute is likely to be obligatory.


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