This illness causes the thyroid gland (positioned on the entrance of the neck) to overproduce hormones. There are a number of explanation why this may occur. Within the majority of instances, the trigger seems to be an autoimmune sickness referred to as Grave's illness. On this state of affairs, the immune system begins to hurt the thyroid as a substitute of defending it. Nonetheless, hyperthyroidism may additionally happen as a response to sure medicines, or for another cause.  This extra of hormones within the physique impacts heartbeat and in addition raises physique temperature. Typical signs embrace insomnia, emotions of basic weak spot, fast modifications of temper, lack of weight and a swelling within the neck. Though no one is resistant to hyperthyroidism statistics, present that it mostly impacts ladies of their 20s and 30s. Thankfully, this situation is normally comparatively simple to deal with. In some instances treatment is adequate, however in different conditions, the affected person may need to bear radiation remedy and even surgical procedure.


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