The pinnacle louse - generally often known as lice - is a parasitic insect that may most frequently be discovered on the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. To maintain themselves, lice feed on human blood. Most often, lice usually are not identified to unfold illnesses between people. In the USA, round 12 million folks endure from lice every year, with most infections occurring in kids. Lice unfold by direct contact with an contaminated individual. In truth, hygiene and cleanliness don't have anything to do with the unfold of lice. A number of the signs of lice embrace a tickling feeling of one thing transferring within the hair. Itching brought on by an allergic response to chew of the lice can be a standard symptom. Most individuals additionally report difficulties sleeping at evening. This is because of the truth that lice are most energetic throughout the evening. Lastly, lice bites might trigger the looks of sores on the scalp. Most remedies for lice an infection embrace prescribed shampoos or particular combs.


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