The liver is an important organ positioned within the stomach proper above the abdomen. It's the heaviest inner organ, weighing a mean of three lbs. Its job is to manage the chemical ranges within the blood and to excrete bile, ridding the physique of waste. The liver has tons of of essential features together with cleansing of the blood, producing ldl cholesterol, producing sure proteins for blood plasma, storing glycogen, and lots of others.The liver is a darkish purple gland that consists of two lobes. It holds about 13% of the physique's blood directly, receiving blood from the abdomen and intestines, cleansing it out, and passing it by to the remainder of the physique. The liver helps virtually each different organ within the physiqueHepatitis is a situation by which the liver tissue is infected. The trigger is often viral and contains hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. Different threats to the liver embrace extra toxins within the bloodstream, alcohol abuse, and extra drug use (paracetamol amongst others).


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