Osteoporosis is a situation by which the bones develop into more and more porous, shedding density and inflicting them to be weak and brittle. It's the most typical motive for fracture among the many aged. Osteoporosis turns into extra widespread with age. 70% of individuals over the age of 80 are affected, and extra girls are affected than males. 5-7 years after menopause, many ladies will expertise a sudden decline in bone density because of the lower in estrogen manufacturing. Many occasions, osteoporosis will not be recognized till an individual suffers a fracture from minor stress reminiscent of bending over. The commonest accidents because of osteoporosis embrace hip fracture, wrist fracture, and vertebrae fracture. Older adults who've a bent-over look or change in posture are most definitely affected by osteoporosis within the vertebrae, which causes tiny fractures, altering the form of the backbone. Folks recognized with osteoporosis could also be prescribed a bisphosphonate, like Actonel, Boniva, Fosamax, or Reclast. These bone-boosting medication can cut back bone loss and should even construct bone density.


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