Parkinson’s illness is attributable to harm to cells in part of the mind known as the substantia nigra. These cells (known as neurons) are important for management of actions of the physique. They do that by producing a chemical known as dopamine that acts as a messenger to different elements of the mind. When these neurons are broken or die, much less dopamine is made. Ultimately, as sufficient cells are misplaced, the motor signs of Parkinson’s illness seem.As a neurodegenerative situation that impacts the motor system, a lot of the signs of Parkinson’s illness are irregular actions of the physique. The traditional motor signs are tremors, muscle rigidity, and slowness of motion. Different motor signs embody an incapacity to keep up posture and stability, and adjustments in speech and facial features.There isn't any treatment for Parkinson’s illness. Remedy is individualized for every affected person with a purpose to alleviate signs; it could embody remedy, surgical procedure, and life-style modifications—significantly train.


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