The pelvis is a hoop of bones that protects your organs of the stomach cavity whereas serving to the muscular tissues of the stomach, thigh, and hip. The pelvis acts as a hammock to help the vagina, uterus, rectum, and bladder. Pelvic issues are brought on by weak point of the muscular tissues and nerves within the pelvic ground. Each women and men can endure from pelvic issues, however they're extra widespread in girls who've lately undergone vaginal childbirth. An infection and different substances within the urine may also trigger issues with the pelvis. Among the many elements that contribute to pelvic issues are connective tissue issues, weight problems, perineal tears, muscle pressure, heavy lifting, trauma, surgical procedure, and hysterectomy. Throughout your first go to to a health care provider, they will ask questions on your general well being and your medical historical past. After that, you'll endure a pelvic examination. The physician will ask you to push down to look at your present situation and prescribe a therapy in case you have a dysfunction.


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