Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) is an inflammatory illness characterised by ache and stiffness within the muscle mass and joints. It mostly impacts the neck, shoulders, and hips, however can affect the remainder of the physique as effectively.  Folks over the age of fifty are at better threat of creating this situation. Signs are normally worse within the morning, or after lengthy durations of inactivity. Along with ache and stiffness, individuals with PMR may additionally expertise fatigue, anemia, flu-like signs, low-grade fever, and total weak spot.  PMR appears to be related to temporal arteritis, which is an inflammatory illness of blood vessels within the head.  Remedy normally entails corticosteroids that are continued for just a few years following the onset of PMR. Generally the situation will resolve by itself, however the usage of treatment and way of life adjustments like train and a nutritious diet could assist pace up restoration.


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