Reproductive System

The birds and the bees. The stork supply the child. At some age there comes a second the place everybody has to be taught the place infants come from. Let's face it: the human reproductive system is sophisticated. And that is in all probability the rationale we use euphemisms.
Fertilization occurs internally when a sperm and egg collide. They mix to kind a zygote. The zygote travels into the uterus the place it buries itself into the liner of the uterine wall. This course of marks the start interval of being pregnant. After this, the being pregnant continues for 9 months because the fetus develops increasingly more.
In a feminine, the reproductive system has two jobs: produce an egg and defend a fertilized egg till delivery. In a male, the reproductive system has one job: to make and ship sperm. As well as to totally different reproductive organs, women and men even have variations in secondary intercourse traits. Secondary intercourse traits are issues like physique hair, Adam's apples, and facial hair.


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