Ringworm or Tinea corporis is a fungal an infection that develops below the highest layer of the pores and skin. This an infection is contagious and will be unfold via direct contact with others. Regardless of the title, there are not any actual worms concerned. Ringworm can have an effect on the ft, scalp, or nails. When it's on the foot, it's referred to as athlete's foot, and the rash is patchy. In actual fact, the rashes a affected person can see is probably not spherical in any respect - they could seem like scaly, purple patches. Ringworm of the scalp seems like a small sore that develops into patchy, scaly, flaky spots. The an infection can lead to hair breakage. It could actually additionally trigger the scalp to be swollen and purple. Ringworm on the nails can have an effect on a number of nails. The nails flip yellow and brittle. The nail ringworm can develop after puberty. If the rash would not fade in per week, you need to see a physician to get anti-fungal medicines to deal with the an infection.


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