Scleroderma is an autoimmune dysfunction that causes connective tissues and pores and skin to grow to be tighter and tougher. It's a progressive illness that slowly will get worse. One of many capabilities of the connective tissue is the formation of fibers that help the physique. They're round organs and pores and skin. Scleroderma can occur when the immune system produces an excessive amount of collagen that types the tissue. The result's scarring of the pores and skin. This illness just isn't contagious. It's principally hereditary however can happen in a affected person with none household historical past of this illness. The signs will be very delicate initially after which slowly progress to deadly. Scleroderma principally impacts the pores and skin however also can have an effect on the bones and muscular tissues. It could possibly additionally affect the entire physique, particularly kidneys, coronary heart, and lungs. There isn't a remedy for the illness and no drugs that may cease the overproduction of collagen, however problems will be prevented. Typically, scleroderma will be resolved with out remedy. Nevertheless, when it may't, the remedy will assist relieve signs, stop the illness from worsening or gradual it down, and reduce disabilities.


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