Skeletal System

The skeletal system consists of greater than simply bones. It additionally consists of cartilage, ligaments and bone tissue. Collectively these components defend organs, make blood, assist the physique, and facilitates mobility. These components additionally retailer and launch fat and minerals.
You probably have an issue particular to your bones, an Orthopedist may also help deal with them. You'll be able to consider orthopedists as bone medical doctors. A number of the situations you possibly can see them for are scoliosis, scapula, and kyphosis. Many of those situations end in poor posture and irregular progress. People, in contrast to most different mammals, have an erect posture. Due to our distinctive posture, we are able to use our arms and palms to carry and use instruments. Nonetheless, standing straight on a regular basis presents issues, for instance, carrying weight. Our skeletons have needed to adapt to hold our weight when standing. As a result of we depend on our skeletons for this, situations that have an effect on our posture places further stress on them. Bone situations like these turn out to be extra sophisticated as you age.


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