Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal dysfunction that entails an absence of hormones in cells. The dysfunction solely impacts females. Women with this syndrome can have studying difficulties, however most of them have regular intelligence. Females with Turner Syndrome are shorter than common. Additionally, they've non-functioning ovaries and might't have kids. Ovaries of wholesome ladies produce intercourse hormones at puberty. However ladies with the syndrome do not begin their intervals and might't develop breasts and not using a hormone therapy. Despite the fact that ladies with the syndrome cannot reproduce, their vagina is regular. In childhood, ladies with the dysfunction have frequent ear infections and sometimes expertise listening to loss. A lot of the ladies with Turner Syndrome are of regular intelligence with correct studying and writing abilities. Nonetheless, some ladies have issues with reminiscence abilities and arithmetic. The principle therapy is estrogen substitute remedy that's began round 12 years of age to make sure correct breast improvement. Women additionally take progesterone and estrogen to start month-to-month intervals to maintain the womb perform correctly.


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