Urinary System

The urinary system is like one huge filter as a result of it removes extra fluid and unusable substances from the bloodstream. This liquid waste product filters out of the physique within the type of urine. Kidneys produce the urine which is quickly after saved within the bladder. The urinary system's main objective is to keep up a steadiness between acid and base, and water and salt within the physique. One other organ that can also be concerned in excretion is the urethra, however the kidneys are crucial.
Think about two huge kidney beans which can be about fist-sized. Now think about these beans coated in a layer of tissue and fats, and positioned above your waistline. They're above the waist and towards the again of your torso. The ribcage shields these organs from bodily injury. A nutritious diet may help protect them from inner injury. Kidney injury occurs over time. Generally, it's exhausting to note any issues till later in life. One reason behind kidney injury is heavy alcohol consumption.


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