A silent coronary heart assault or unrecognized myocardial infarction is a coronary heart assault that's not initially detected however is later recognized. The precise prevalence just isn't recognized, however some estimate counsel this sort accounts for between a 3rd and a half of all coronary heart assaults.Typically, individuals who expertise a silent coronary heart assault attribute their signs to one thing else. Realizing what to search for is necessary to make sure immediate medical consideration and crucial follow-up care.

1. Causes

The causes of a silent heart attack are the identical because the causes of any myocardial infarction. Plaque varieties within the arteries, inflicting clots. These clots forestall oxygen-rich blood from attending to the center.The numerous distinction with a silent coronary heart assault is that the particular person is much less prone to acknowledge that they want medical consideration. For that reason, silent coronary heart assaults have the next threat of coronary heart failure.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? Elnur / Shutterstock

2. Discomfort

Silent coronary heart assaults trigger the identical kind of harm as some other coronary heart assault, but they have different symptoms. Some coronary heart assaults have signs that embody sudden and intense crushing chest ache and shortness of breath, however in a silent coronary heart assault, this ache could also be just like heartburn or delicate stress.Individuals experiencing a coronary heart assault may additionally have discomfort in different physique components, together with the arms, again, jaw, or abdomen. In a silent coronary heart assault, this ache is prone to be much less intense.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? LaylaBird / Getty Pictures

3. Different Signs

Different symptoms of a silent heart attack embody problem respiration or shortness of breath from on a regular basis actions, like strolling up the steps, making the mattress, or strolling the canine.This shortness of breath can happen with or with out chest ache. Chilly sweats and nausea are additionally indicators of a silent coronary heart assault, however might mimic these of the flu. In some circumstances, the one symptom is feeling a bit below the climate.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? PeopleImages / Getty Pictures

4. Danger Elements

The risk factors of a silent heart attack are the identical as these for any coronary heart assault. They embody being chubby, consuming meals excessive in salt and unhealthy fat, and having excessive blood sugar, ldl cholesterol, or blood stress.Individuals who have a household historical past of coronary heart illness or who've had COVID-19 are at greater threat, as are males over age 45, ladies over 55, and folks with Native American, Mexican American, and Hawaiian ancestry.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? happy_lark / Getty Pictures

5. How They Are Found

As a result of most individuals have no idea they're having a silent coronary heart assault, they are often not discovered right away. Weeks or months later, they could be on the physician for one thing else and report ongoing signs, like shortness of breath or fatigue.Silent coronary heart assaults are prone to end in scarring of the center muscle or coronary heart valve dysfunction and result in important problems. Docs typically diagnose the silent coronary heart assault after investigating these signs reported lengthy after the very fact.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? FatCamera / Getty Pictures

6. Prognosis

Diagnostic procedures for a heart attack include an EKG to detect and document {the electrical} exercise within the coronary heart to evaluate indicators of harm and blood assessments to measure proteins that point out coronary heart injury. The physician might order a coronary angiography, the place a dye is injected into the bloodstream and particular x-rays assess blood movement by means of the center.As a result of most individuals don't understand they're having a silent coronary heart assault, they aren't recognized shortly, however a doctor might carry out the identical assessments even when months have handed.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? megaflopp / Getty Pictures

7. Preliminary Remedy

If somebody suspects they're having a silent coronary heart assault, initial treatment may include aspirin to stop clotting, oxygen remedy, and nitroglycerin to enhance blood movement by means of the center and scale back its workload.Docs may additionally inject clot-busting drugs to dissolve any blockages or carry out a coronary angioplasty; on this process, a catheter is inserted into the femoral artery, threaded to the center, and used to open any blockages.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? Inside Inventive Home / Getty Pictures

8. Ongoing and Publish-Remedy

After a coronary heart assault, there are a lot of ongoing treatments that assist forestall one other one. Docs might prescribe drugs to decrease blood stress, forestall clots, and reduce the workload of the center. In some circumstances, individuals want a bypass graft after a coronary heart assault: the surgeon connects a wholesome vein or artery to bypass the blocked part of the coronary artery.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? Westend61 / Getty Pictures

9. Prognosis

After somebody has a coronary heart assault, they are at higher risk of having another. That is particularly harmful for individuals who have skilled a silent coronary heart assault, as they could not know that that they had one. The signs of a second coronary heart assault might not be the identical as the primary. Many individuals wait too lengthy to name for assist.If unsure, do not wait. Any delay may end up in important coronary heart injury and even dying.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? damircudic / Getty Pictures

10. Scale back Dangers

Some way of life modifications can lower the risk of a silent heart attack. These embody maintaining a healthy diet meals, smoking cessation, sustaining a wholesome weight, and managing stress.Some medical points additionally enhance the danger of a silent coronary heart assault, together with diabetes, kidney issues, peripheral artery illness, hypertension, and excessive ldl cholesterol. Managing these issues will help forestall a coronary heart assault.What Is a Silent Heart Attack? fcafotodigital / Getty Pictures


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