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VinCare understands what you want and need. With a team of leading advanced doctors, you will be thoroughly consulted and make valuable choices for your health. Considered a Health Magazine, VinCare brings a collection of great health sources for you, from good lifestyles, nutrition to health tips. You don't need to wait too long because everything has been taken care of by VinCare!

  • peopleWe hold a team of over 20 writers, 40 leading medical experts in Singapore.
  • contentAll of our content is researched by a team of authors who are medical and health experts. Our goal is to bring all the best for your health.
  • reviewsUp to 10,000 5-star reviews come from customers.


This website is designed to provide helpful information and suggestions for educational purposes. You should consult selectively and not use any information on this website to substitute for professional medical diagnoses or treatment. If your body is experiencing specific problems and symptoms, it is necessary to contact and consult other healthcare professionals for the most accurate results.